Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Bones - Unrendered (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 48000 Hz
Length: 00:40:12
Files: 18
Size: 122,19 MB
Release-Date: April 20, 2017

01.Importing [Prod. By Greaf & Lil Pipin Hots]
02.CtrlAltDelete [Prod. By Migu]
03.SystemPreferences [Prod. By Abstrkt]
04.MissingProjectFiles [Prod. By Vegard]
05.SunnyDay [Prod. By Hool]
06.ConnectingToServer [Prod. By Vegard]
07.LifeRuiner [Prod. By Jukes]
08.MustBeARealDragWakingUpAndBeingYou [Prod. By Judge]
09.MyNephewHasAWhitePickupTruck [Prod. By Ldotsdot]
10.TakingOutTheTrash [Prod. By Stereoryze]
11.WhateverHelpsYouSleep [Prod. By Fleece]
12.CaseSensitive [Prod. By Vegard]
13.YouKnowIWantYou (Feat. Ricky A Go Go) [Prod. By Maitro]
14.BoyOhBoy [Prod. By Eyeke Tyson]
15.MinorSetback [Prod. By Migu]
16.TheGrandestNothing [Prod. By Hool]
17.ContinueWithoutSaving [Prod. By Epileptic Kid]
18.Exporting [Prod. By Eurt Apatea]


Montag, 1. Mai 2017

$uicideboy$ & Germ - DirtierNastier$uicide (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:14:33
Files: 6
Size: 33,80 MB
Release-Date: February 21, 2017

01.Slip On A Banana Clip
02.Obey The Walrus
03.20th Centurion
04.Treat 'em Like A Prostitute
05.King Cobra (Drippin')
06.Here We Go Again


Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

Summoned Souls & Snxp - Dreadscape (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:18:08
Files: 5
Size: 41,92 MB
Release-Date: April 22, 2017

01.Fangs [Prod. By Lunar Vision]
02.Oni Mask [Prod. By Pdixxx]
03.Fuck Yo Clout [Prod. By Sudzy]
04.Genny Blunts (Feat. Bexey) [Prod. By Pdixxx]
05.Dreadscape [Prod. By Sojhi]


Lofty305 & DJ Smokey - Intimate Wayz (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:23:59
Files: 6
Size: 55,50 MB
Release-Date: March 23, 2017

01.Semi Pro [Prod. By DJ Smokey]
02.$umbody [Prod. By DJ Smokey]
03.5 Percent (Feat. Twelve'Len) [Prod. By DJ Smokey]
04.Pardon Me [Prod. By DJ Smokey]
05.Semi Pro Clubhouse Version [Prod. By DJ Smokey]
06.The End [Prod. By DJ Smokey]


Dienstag, 25. April 2017

Kold-Blooded - 弐 - Asura 修羅道 (2nd Path) (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:15:35
Files: 5
Size: 14,31 MB
Release-Date: April 21, 2017

01.Unfriendly Reminder (Intro) [Prod. By Jett]
02.Klean [Prod. By Othasyde]
03.Not Today (Bombs Away) [Prod. By Pj Fyre]
04.Lurk Missles [Prod. By S H M X]
05.Recant [Prod. By Chvnlv]


Chxpo - No Jumper EP (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:16:17
Files: 9
Size: 16,01 MB
Release-Date: April 20, 2017

01.No Jumper [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
02.Haunted House [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
03.Werk [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
04.Korn [Prod. By Charliecrum]
05.Like Its Hot [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
06.Set It Off [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
07.Seinfield [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
08.Home Alone [Prod. By Charlie Crum]
09.Shooters Lullabye [Prod. By Charlie Crum]


Montag, 24. April 2017

Gizmo - Barbarian (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:45:24
Files: 19
Size: 45,48 MB
Release-Date: April 19, 2017

01.Gizmo Radio (Suck On My Dick) [Prod. By Mathias]
02.Hooky [Prod. By Grigoryan]
03.Barbarian (Feat. Mavo) [Prod. By Mana]
04.Fiend [Prod. By Frxzen]
05.Purple People Eater [Prod. By Willie G]
06.Lies [Prod. By Slavery & Prohibeo]
07.Rose [Prod. By SAMÄA]
08.Wayne (Feat. Lil Spence) [Prod. By Crow]
09.Loch Ness [Prod. By Purpdogg]
10.RingDing [Prod. By Still]
11.Ballsack Portal [Prod. By Skrittzy]
12.Terry McGinnis [Prod. By Yung Graves]
13.DripDrip (Feat. Freddie Dredd) [Prod. By DJ Temp]
14.Beckey [Prod. By Renob]
15.Cruisin (Feat. Prohibeo) [Prod. By Purpdogg]
16.Misery [Prod. By KilledMyself]
17.Blue Juice [Prod. By Harvest]
18.Star Dust (Feat. Rozz Dyliams) [Prod. By Purpdogg]
19.MyNameIsMud (Bonus) [Prod. By Eyeketyson]


Coldah - Never 4ever (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:25:52
Files: 8
Size: 59,56 MB
Release-Date: April 23, 2017

01.Stay The Night [Prod. By Coldah]
02.WTF [Prod. By Nadiak]
03.Cry Together [Prod. By Coldah]
04.Blade & Blood (Feat. Jake Cooley) [Prod. By Kft]
05.I <3 br="" by="" coldah="" rod.="" u=""> 06.Homeless [Prod. By Nadiak]
07.Red & Black - Bloodtype [Prod. By Lunar Vision]
08.Never 4ever [Instr. Bmth]


SpaceGhostPurrp - April Soundcloud Files (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:35:55
Files: 9
Size: 68,63 MB
Release-Date: April 2017

01.Bank Music Preview
02.GT (Miami Music 305)
03.Miami Musicc (Miami Dade County 2017)
04.Silly Rabbit
05.My Section
06.Still Hot
08.Shordy Wocky
09.Fuck Miami


Freitag, 21. April 2017

Doddy Gatz - Takin' No Shortz Vol.1 (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:11:37
Files: 5
Size: 10,98 MB
Release-Date: April 07, 2017

01.Dank & A Strap [Prod. By King Stress]
02.Vogues & Hoes [Prod. By King Stress]
03.Dayton's Got 'em Hatin' [Prod. By King Stress]
04.Bangin Down Tha Blocc [Prod. By King Stress]
05.Smoke & Parlay [Prod. By King Stress]


Drew The Architect & Grayera - Ryfhlę (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:12:52
Files: 6
Size: 29,79 MB
Release-Date: April 15, 2017

01.Welkynd Stones
02.The Same Old Faces
03.Shadows Rest
04.Beyxlliaa (Interlude)
05.Redwater Pass


Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

VA - Doomshop Records Vol.2 (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 01:19:05
Files: 29
Size: 186,02 MB
Release-Date: April 7, 2017

01.VA - Side A Intro [Prod. By Dj Akoza]
02.Mista Frost - (Feat. Ned Bundy) [Prod. By KevinTheCreep]
03.Kaine - Bind, Torture, Kill [Prod. By Tyris White]
04.Dom - Outlined In Chalk [Prod. By Akoza]
05.Mista Frost - Dead If You Start Trippin [Prod. By Apoc Krysis & 3dmg]
06.Kaine - Fiya Still Burnz [Prod. By Fvdxvd]
07.Freddie Dredd - You Know What I Do [Prod. By Jak3]
08.Cursed - King Of Tha Hill [Prod. By Akoza]
09.Dj Akoza & MC Holocaust - Products Of Da Undaground (Feat. Bruvalurk)
10.Kaine & Cursed - Heavy Smoke [Prod. By Fvdxvd]
11.Hydra Mane - Devilish Verses [Prod. By Hydra Mane]
12.Devilish Trio & Akoza - Knuckle Up
13.Devilish Trio - 187 - 211
14.Cursed - Im Here 2 Kill, Or Be Killed [Prod. By Apoc Krysis]
15.Cursed - 6 Shots [Prod. By SpaceGhostPurrp]
16.MC Holocaust - Gotta Kill, Wanna Kill [Prod. By KevinTheCreep]
17.Dom - 1-800-Fortheslab [Prod. By KevinTheCreep]
18.Freddie Dredd - Don't Try [Prod. By Kendrick]
19.Cocaine Kruger - Joy Road [Prod. By Youth N Asia]
20.Da Menace - Creepin Up Slow [Prod. By Da Menace]
21.Freddie Dredd - Im A Murderer [Prod. By Ryan C]
22.Da Menace & K-Fix - Killa Shyt [Prod. By Baker]
23.Cursed - Out Da Kut [Prod. By Occvlt]
24.Dj Sacred & Mista Frost - Glock In My Draws
25.MC Holocaust - Apocalypse Farewell [Prod. By Shinigami Tenshi]
26.Dj Akoza & Kaine - Spirit Crusher
27.Tenngage & Hydra - Break Yo Bones
28.Mista Frost - Doomsday (Feat. Mc Holocaust) [Prod. By Dj Sacred]
29.VA - Side B Intro [Prod. By Dj Sacred]


Doddy Gatz - Hennessy & Ecstasy (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:08:09
Files: 4
Size: 7,63 MB
Release-Date: March 24, 2017

01.Cognac Kisses [Prod. By Tenngage]
02.Sex Drugs [Prod. By Tenngage]
03.BooBooKittyFuck [Prod. By Tenngage]
04.Baby Lemme Fuck (Then Get Out) [Prod. By Tenngage]


Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

VA - NuWaves Records - Upon Stranger Tides (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps | 48000 Hz
Length: 00:46:56
Files: 12
Size: 109,76 MB
Release-Date: April 11, 2017

01.AshBy - How It Is [Prod. By Lord Set]
02.Sensitive Christian - I Think I'm Dreaming [Prod. By Sensitive Christian]
03.Alalu - Lazarus [Prod. By Alalu]
04.Sevenoceansdeep - Someone Ur Not [Prod. By Sevenoceansdeep]
05.Alalu, Sevenoceansdeep and Sensitive Christian - Make Believe [Prod. By Alalu]
06.Overtide - Old Soul [Prod. By Drippy]
07.Sensitive Christian & Alalu - In The Cut [Prod. By Alalu]
08.AshBy, Lord Set & HeAsTheSea - Upon Stranger Tides [Prod. By Lord Set]
09.Oghma X - Only You (Instrumental] [Prod. By Oghma X]
10.Alalu - Seyonara [Prod. By Lord Set]
11.Alalu & Sevenoceansdeep - Passenger [Prod. By Sevenoceansdeep & Alalu]
12.Lord Set - Target Practice


Mackned - Walk On Water (2017)

Quality: 128 kbps | 44100 Hz
Length: 00:25:12
Files: 9
Size: 23,85 MB
Release-Date: April 15, 2017

01.Walk On Water (Feat. Lil Tracy)
02.Joe Dirt
03.Suicide (Feat. Lil Peep) [Prod. By BigHeadOnTheBeat]
05.Sodium (Feat. Lil Peep)
06.Hurts To Hate Me
07.Close Enough [Prod. By Lil Pretty]
08.Death Has A Date (Feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal)
09.Ballers (Feat. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal)